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Our expertise to provide solutions is based on our extensive experience in generation and printing of secure PINs.

Brand-ID Group originally specialized in the supply of pre-paid PINs used for vouchers supplied to the Mobile Networks across Africa - having securely and delivered 5 billion PINs valued at US$ 7.5 billion worth of vouchers. We have have continued to apply variants of these solutions to private sector clients based on their needs.

We provide the following end-to-end solutions.

With liberalization of LPG, loss of gas cylinders remains a big problem. Counter cross filling and illegal refilling/counterfeits is prevalent for LPG and lubricants. making it is difficult to assure consumers of health, safety and quality. 



The most common problem with overt anti counterfeit solutions is that special inks and destructible packaging, can be easily replicated by modern technology.  


A one-size-fits-all approach does not consider differences in products, ie. cold chain, dust, sun.

There are no affordable non-label alternatives for

low value/high volume goods of high speed lines. 


Fake drugs mostly come in 2 types:


1) Those which look like and work like the original but are not;


2) Those that are of poor quality and do not provide the required treatment. Both are very dangerous and can cause sickness aggravation and even death. 


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